OiDar evolved during the creation of a traditional agnostic radio station on behalf of a client in Yorkshire, where the service required the use of new technology to reduce costs, increase audience and provide additional revenue streams.

OiDar - created to solve a problem

The design brief was to remove the studio location from the primary broadcast area by hosting the bulk of the technology in a secure location with higher SLA's, removing management and support costs from the business, and providing a higher quality service for the listeners.

The service produced for Rathergood Radio not only consisted of providing all of the technology services down to the email accounts, ftp servers and audio streaming, but also included the full transmission to 6 transmitter locations across the area delivering to an audience of more than three million listeners.

OiDar - cost savings are just a bonus

Rathergood Radio has saved more than 50% on its previous broadcast and technology costs using OiDar as a single broad-based service provider, which would equate across the UK to more than £55,000 per annum per station.

OiDar radio audience measurement

OiDar also includes a "secondary" radio audience measurement service.  RAJAR has been the audience measurement body, which has defined the industry for a long period of time, but it has limitations and has not progressed with the industry to incorporate the high level of digital audience growth.

who is your radio audience?
who is your radio audience?

OiDar - "the core network"

With OiDar it is all about "the core audio network".  Once we have your audio and video on our network we can present it to any supplier or audience in any bit rate and to any location via our unique ethernet products, which can create a "long cable" to any point in the UK with a latency value within <250ms and even present globally with less than a single second delay.

OiDar Radio Station Services

OiDar was created to provide the following services:

  • Single point of contact for transmission and technology,
  • Provide more accurate and rewarding audience statistics with greater value and shorter reporting runs - monthly.
  • More efficient and cost-effective transmission carriage and mask location charges,
  • Resilient service with automatic hardware fail-over with 99.99% uptime guarantee,
  • Additional revenue streams to compliment your existing business,
  • add a monetised video service to the radio station to extend the radio service to a television service,
  • provide a more efficient national advertising service with fewer agency fees to compliment the more accurate listening figures,
  • fill 100% of unsold inventory every week via our agency connections

OiDar - Radio Transmission

OiDar has put together three flat-rate packages to provide a single point technology, with the option of transmitter and carriage costs, as transmission contracts expire so that you are ready to relocate within a number of days rather than months.