28th March 2018

OiDar – Radio Transmission, Audience Measurement & Monetisation Solved

Following a year developing unique products for the North East radio station Rathergood Radio, (formerly Star Radio) covering North Yorkshire on DAB and County Durham on FM, OiDar was formed. OiDar is the result of their extensive learning and can now provide products and services to enable other radio stations to reduce costs and widen their profit margins, using technology, innovative approaches and thinking, that meets the changes required in the radio industry.

The newly appointed team at OiDar has been created as a new business to provide local radio station owners and media groups with an alternative, in order to regain control from suppliers that until today have had a near monopoly.  The key traditional suppliers charge excessive costs and insist on long term agreements, but at the same time are unable or unwilling to provide the flexibility needed to compete with new media businesses, such as internet based local news hubs, who can react faster to market changes.

Star Radio was struggling with transmission, monetisation, audience and the method of delivering the live radio station across new media platforms, as well as supporting on-demand shows to most personal technology devices.  Rathergood Radio no longer has such issues with the upgraded and rebranded station, but due to the learning from this transformation, the team at OiDar are now able to provide a selection of alternative solutions to all UK radio stations targeting three key areas:

ONE – Broadcast and Transmission

Currently radio stations either contract with a managed transmission provider with inflated costs, due to outdated technology, or they co-locate the equipment themselves by spending money on capital kit, whilst supporting it internally or via small maintenance contracts. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but a substantial disadvantage is the lack of flexibility surrounding mast and aerial locations to deliver the licenced audience, as this is generally limited to multi use on existing cross media broadcast sites. Another downside is that the services being connected use discontinued, expensive British Telecom (BT) circuits costing more than 5 times that of a fully monitored uncontended fibre optic connection, which is able to deliver uncompressed audio solutions in a fraction of the time.


OiDar provides radio transmission from existing mobile, telecoms and internet tower sites with a selection of inner-city placements and delivered using the OiDar audio over IP technology, for uncompressed audio distribution to multiple sites with latency less than 200ms. The service can deliver fully processed web, mobile, PC, IP in-car, DAB and FM all at different qualities and all with a 99.99% uptime guarantee via Oidar, delivered through a single managed point to point IP connection from the studios, or across several sites as required.  Downstream audio backup, return feed monitoring, real-time web portal dashboards and dual route distribution all ensure the service is unstoppable and listeners are always entertained.


With the existing monopolised supplier failing to raise funding for 5G and, according to public accountancy records, having a 10-figure debt and a valuation that consists of more than 50% to ‘good will’, radio stations are not secure.  OiDar has highlighted and solved a genuine problem, for which presently the industry does not seem to have a long-term solution, whilst providing an alternative that will secure the future for radio broadcasters across the UK.


OiDar can provide sites for your transmitters, a fully managed replacement service or an extended flexible multi-site delivery, to suit each radio station. As demonstrated via Rathergood Radio, the major benefit of OiDar’s alternative service is the saving of more than 40% in annual fees whilst providing additional savings with flexibility, advanced SLAs and a flexible, higher-quality feed for audio distribution.

TWO – Audience Measurement

OiDar originally identified that DAB listening audience is being measured via the traditional localised service. With regional services and joint FM licences, it is apparent that the current method of audience measurement does not provide comparative, same currency results, that advertising agencies would recognise as being tradable.


OiDar has developed a system which collects data via instant reporting from mobile and tablets applications, recording radio station website data, listener mobile app data, point to point live streaming and on-demand listening statistics which it then processes to confidently provide actual measured figures (not estimates) on a regular monthly basis, which can be traded on immediately.  This is achieved without having to go through several long form phases to estimate an average audience value and with limited confidence, due to the small sample data size. OiDar would have a sample size of more than 15 times the current survey techniques, with the majority being recorded directly from live monitoring and direct internet delivery services.

OiDar is stating that they will be collecting data from the 1st July 2018 and are able to report the audience information across the country, on a town by town basis every calendar month with extensive reporting by the hour, demographics, devices and interactivity.  Management reporting will provide radio station management teams with data on an hourly basis, radio show grouping for sponsorship and breaks for spot ad placements for true yield management clarity.

OiDar is hoping to provide a higher detail of KPI for programme controllers to understand weak areas of their service, but also to add some true value to the most effective form of marketing for local businesses.

THREE – Monetisation

During their research, OiDar found that radio broadcasters were subscribing for audience data to enable them to trade via several key agencies for national advertising campaigns and, in the process, investing in additional people and software to carry out this development. OiDar understood that if its audience measurement system was going to be implemented quickly, they needed to provide alternative non-exclusive national advertising suppliers with agencies that were already up to speed with the additional measurement schema.

The team at OiDar have managed to go one step further than merely providing a few national ads per day and have negotiated several deals, which will see the opportunity for most radio stations to fill 100% of their spot advertising inventory every week.  OiDar will be able to sell all unsold spots via an automated programmatic bidding platform, although these could be at lower rates it would agree a floor rate each station to suit their business model.

OiDar state they will be able to provide a 100% fill of advertising to all clients that opt into the OiDar audience measurement pool and has made very clear that there is no requirement to have any form of exclusivity.


OiDar will complement their monetisation service by additionally launching five other key monetisation services for any local radio station:


  1. 100% inventory fill on website display banner advertising for up to 8 different banner sizes.
  2. Live audio stream programmatic start up advertising for Amazon Alexa, mobile and PC listening providing up to an additional £30,000 per year.
  3. An automated full HD studio video webcam stream with news and information ticker bars but more importantly, all advertising breaks are replaced with fully programmatic high yield video adverts to provide a television experience. This service needs no integration with the broadcaster’s playout service and all of the integration is carried out downstream.

Expectations are that radio stations using this will gain an additional £100,000 per year, with no additional work demanded from the local sales team and again a 100% unsold inventory fill on the video advertising from their national pool of agencies.

  1. Fully monetised Video-on-demand solution for delivering offline local videos (local tv), local news, local businesses and behind the scenes footage at the radio station.
  2. Oidar are providing a supply-side platform where each stations inventory will be added to the OiDar advertising e-commerce solution where advertising spots, sponsorship campaigns and their unique sponsors solution can be purchased without the requirement of “any sales staff”.

To Summarise

OiDar has been working on their solution for more than 12 months and from that learning, has productised solutions to problems encountered during the restructure of the old Star Radio station in Darlington.

OiDar is also looking to invest in radio stations who cannot afford to continue under their process, transition from monopoly suppliers or afford the capital costs of additional hardware to go-it alone.

You can view the OiDar products on their new website at http://oidar.co.uk or give them a call on 0203 137 2900



Written and produced by Rathergood Marketing