Radio has always been something that people rarely see behind the scenes of, but local radio stations have been using it as kind of a prize to potential advertisers and competition entrants for many years, it is very desirable, so why not sell it as a revenue stream?

We install either one or a number of cameras with the option for them to be focused on the DJ and the guests with auto swap between cameras depending on the audio levels at each microphone, which is what a gallery producer on a live tv broadcast would do, but there is no need for additional staff, you have a self driving video mixer.

Our systems record and log all of the video from each of the cameras so this can be re-edited and uploaded to a catch-up video platform or social media as appropriate.

camera enabled radio studio
camera enabled radio studio

We would suggest starting with one camera, we'd have a managed audio and video line to your building and we can pull one or many cameras back to our cloud service to render the news, weather and video adverts automatically into the radio-television feed.

More information coming soon .... launching during April 2018